I’m a problem-solving writer and communications strategist with unique expertise in science, policy, and journalism. My work is well-researched, compelling, and impactful. Keep reading for services I provide and some examples. You can find more of my writing in my portfolio. For a more comprehensive service listing, visit Fancy Comma, LLC, the science writing/communications company I founded.

White papers and case studies

“Sheeva is not only a solid writer. She’s someone that can be thrown into a topic, understand it immediately, and deliver quickly. I have worked with Sheeva on a variety of projects from 2,000-word white papers examining the Information Technology industry to 150-word excerpts about esoteric networking protocols. Every time, she’s come through for us — even in a pinch.” — Marketing Director, IT Education Website

I ghostwrite informative, persuasive, research-backed white papers and case studies for clients to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Inform key stakeholders
  • Generate interest in an idea, subject, or product
  • Persuade
  • Drive decision-making and action

I have written white papers for healthcare, government, supply chain executives, members of Congress, and other influential audiences. I ghostwrote a white paper for Kaplan Medical comparing M.D. vs. D.O. paths for doctors.

Case studies tend to showcase a problem and how it was solved. I ghostwrote this case study about a microlending software solution.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sheeva Azma on multiple writing projects geared towards healthcare academics. She [translates] highly technical material into content that is both informative and enjoyable to read.” — Senior Marketing Manager, Fortune 500 Company

I write white papers and case studies for clients at the intersections of health, policy, science, technology, finance, and business. For more info, contact me.

Content writing, copywriting, and ads

“I am so happy that I was able to work with Sheeva on polishing my biosketch for a grant. Throughout the process, she asked excellent questions, and had great ideas and revisions to contribute. Regardless of how my grant scores, I would love to work with her again!” Scientist at a Major University

I’m a content writer and copywriter who is a bylined journalist, published scientist, and former DC insider. I love writing authoritative blogs, articles, and advertisements.

Here are some examples of my writing and editing:

“Sheeva is incredibly brilliant and a genius. She has transformed my writing into something I never thought was possible. She opens my world to new possibilities. She is incredibly caring and will go beyond to do the job perfectly. She is incredibly detail oriented and one of the hardest working persons I’ve worked with. If you hire Sheeva, she will bring life to your project, and she will make it perfect and beyond what you never thought was possible. Thank you so much for everything.” — Steeve Simbert

Feel free to reach out to see how I can help you.

Strategic communications

“Sheeva possesses remarkable business acumen and a good feeling for what is necessary to achieve the best results under time constraints. Sheeva thinks outside the box and has an open mind for uncommon solutions.” — Connell Wise, D.Div, Connell Wise & Associates, LLC

I’ve written the book on applying public relations in science communication. I apply my expertise in journalism, marketing, and politics to help people do more with less and work smarter, not harder. Get in touch!

Public speaking

“Thank you so much for giving the workshop today! We had many attendees … and got feedback from them – they all loved it!” — Science Communication Workshop Organizer, McMaster University

I am available for paid speaking opportunities. Learn more here.

To contact me, click here.