In the Media


We trust who we know: The case for science communication,” McMaster University Science Newsletter (September 21, 2022).


Read my interview with Master’s in Communications (May 17, 2021) about my professional journey to science writing.


I talked to Mark Bayer of When Science Speaks about my journey from academic neuroscience research to science communications and science policy (July 22, 2022). Read the show notes here.

I spoke with Edward Tierney of PracticalHRO about ways to apply principles from high-reliability organizations to the healthcare industry to solve problems including medical racism and healthcare worker burnout (June 30, 2022). Read about the episode here.

I chatted with Conversations with a Wannabe Scientist about science writing, academic science culture, and environmental sustainability (June 3, 2021). Read the show notes here.

I talked to STEM-E about science communication and my path to science writing (April 21, 2021):


The Art of Being Your Own Boss, by Anabel Moda for the STEM-E blog (June 7, 2021)

Life Science Content Marketing: Insights From Real Science Content Writers, by Patrick Wareing (May 3, 2021)

Webinar Recap: Effective Science Advocacy, by Elea Hansen (June 26, 2021)

STEM First! Gen Feature about Sheeva Azma, by Monique Faith Boodram (December 22, 2021)