I’m an MIT- & Georgetown-trained scientist and communications expert.

photo of sheeva azma

Merging my experiences in science, public policy, and communications, I am skilled in crafting key messages for a wide audience. Learn about me here or check out my portfolio.

I apply my research and policy expertise to help people understand complex topics, including COVID-19 pandemic research and vaccines. My writing audience includes members of U.S. Congress, C-suite executives, healthcare professionals, biotech venture capitalists, lawmakers, and the general public, among others.

The bright spot in being a science writer during the COVID-19 pandemic is that it enabled me to create communications strategies to help separate fact from fiction with the abundance of information people are trying to digest. I’ve recently published a new book, Amplifying Science Communications with Public Relations to help scientists amplify their work. 

Federal science funding is the main way researchers obtain funds to drive biomedical research forward. I’m forging a new path in science policy to help support vital U.S. science and technology infrastructure by engaging with policymakers who influence where federal funding dollars go—including to places like the National Institutes of Health. 

I also produce:

  • Peer-reviewed research papers
  • Technology white papers
  • Marketing strategy and web content
  • Ghostwritten materials
  • Research-backed blogs and articles for non-profit and Fortune 500 companies
  • Public-facing science communications for political campaigns and policymakers

As the founder of Fancy Comma, LLC, a science communications company. I can help you to convey a highly complex or technical message to different audiences. Let’s connect!

Health, Science, Technology, Policy, Business, and Finance Communications & Strategy